Planning Present Shopping, Finding Deals Is The Easy Part

dealsYou spend a little bit more money on those presents for your family of course. I’d like to, whatever is left over in the budget, split it up evenly between the rest of who else I want a gift for, those people that I want a gift for but they’re not a part of my immediate circle of family. Give them gifts where I put together little things that speak to their personality and our relationship. The next thing that I like to do is make a list of all the people that I want to gift and then, I group them. I group them into like my immediate family and the rest is like my leftover. Sounds so bad. But it’s not like I’m going to buy the a bunch of custom vapes for all my acquaintances in the office.

Then, make a separate list for the people you know what you’re getting for them. It’s whatever. It’s out of your head. You wrote it down. You know that that’s what you’re going to get them. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about these people who you don’t know what to get but you do want to gift. Let’s say I have two friends that I want to buy for. Take a piece of paper and write the person’s name at the top that you’re thinking about getting a gift for. I like to sit and I like to write just one word so that you’re not like writing all their deepest, darkest secrets out on the page, their likes, their interests, experiences, future goals, anything that you know about them, things to prompt you in your memory.

Once you’re done and you feel like you have enough of a description, look over your list and find similar words, topics, phrases, however you wrote your page down. Look and see if there’s similar things like similar interests, kind of like grouped together and zero in on. Take the top five key phrases for those people. Say, there’s already a list here and then I just like to add like my other friends to the bottom with the five key phrase. I’ll add them or you can make a list in your phone or I like to do it the old school way. Makes me feel more important.Christmas Spending by the Numbers

Going out to do my initial shopping, I can keep an eye out for inexpensive things. I could do a little bit of research if my friends are interested in something that I don’t know too much about like for example, someone is really into home beer brewing and I don’t know that much about it. I don’t personally do it but that’s where I would do my research and see if there was anything that was kind of in my price range that I could pick up and put a part of their little gift package. It’ll just make that part of the gift just that much more special. Okay. We’re ready to start your hunt for things that you can put in their gift bag. I hope that these tips and tricks were helpful to you. Got to be prepared, so you don’t forget.

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