Pittsburgh Holiday Shopping, And Beyond – A World of Options

I’m an aficionado of markets, for holiday or otherwise, at home or in foreign countries. Please go visit Peru or another country in South America, soon! Their way of celebrating Christmas and their “shopping” culture may help you identify with the roots of meaningful holidays. The Inca people today, families tracing their roots back to the most powerful cultures of the Americas 100s of years ago, will inspire you.

There are two kinds of holiday shoppers.  Some people like to select gifts from stores, and enjoy the holiday experience.  Others consider holiday shopping a chore, and hate to go out and about during the holidays.  With more and more people using internet options for shopping, the holiday shopping “event” sometimes gets lost in the shuffle.

Well, there’s something for everyone these days.  Ecommerce lets you browse, consider gifts, and have them delivered to your door.  Once you order wrapping and a gift card… mission accomplished.   If you enjoy spending the day shopping to get in the “holiday mood”, there’s no better place to do that than at a Holiday Market.  Many cities have these pop-up holiday markets, fashioned after the German “Christkindlmarkts” that offer shopping, and holiday fun that make looking for gifts an experience.

There is no limit to the variety of items you can find for your holiday gift giving. It’s convenient, it’s easy, and there are great deals. I bet you can even find a dual battery squonk mod.  In other words, if your son asks your to find an odd sounding gadget, don’t be put off.  Make a not and show the item name to people once you arrive at large outdoor markets.

There is a holiday market in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. It’s an annual event, that takes place from the middle of November until the 23rd of December.  When you’re not skating on the ice rink, listening to live holiday music, or visiting with Santa, you can find some unusual gifts.  They have Matryoshka dolls from Russia.  These are available online, of course, or you can hold them in your hand, admire the workmanship, and pick out just the right one to give as a gift.


Are you looking for Celtic gifts?  If you are, you can find an Irish sweater at the market, or buy it online.  You’ll find a better selection of Irish sweaters online, of course, and from a variety of vendors.  But, if you want to feel the weight of the yarn, and see the color more clearly, this is the type of specialty item you’ll find at the holiday market.


If you’re shopping for toys, or presents for kids, there’s no doubt you can find the latest in-demand toy at one of the big ecommerce sites online.  That’s probably your best bet, if that’s what you’re after.  If you’re looking for something unique, hand-crafted, or with an international flair, you may find just what you’re looking for in downtown Pittsburgh.


When you’re shopping on online, there is no limit to the variety of items you’ll find for your holiday gift giving.  It convenient, it’s easy, and there are great deals. But, if you’re looking for European folk art, blown glass, or local, handmade treasures, nothing beats the experience of shopping at a Holiday Market.